Ballistic Soccer Club

Ballistic SC U14, League Play, Idaho Falls, ID - Spring 2016 (Photo credit: Charles Stuart, Jr.)

Ballistic Soccer Club fields teams for young men and women in the U13 through U18/U19 age groups. The club is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and is affiliated with the Bonneville Youth Soccer League. League play is under Idaho Youth Soccer Association's District 2 Snake River League, facing teams primarily from Eastern Idaho. Teams regularly compete in local and regional tournaments, including IYSA's Idaho State Cup and tournaments throughout Idaho and neighboring states including Utah, Nevada, and Montana.

The goals of the Ballistic Soccer Club are to:

  • Promote and cultivate each player's respect and passion for the game of soccer.
  • Develop players with technical skill, training discipline, knowledge of the game, and a personal creative playing style.
  • Create a club environment based on the interdependence of the individual, the team, and the club, and teach players and coaches their respective responsibilities in that environment.
  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship.

In order to achieve its goals, the Ballistic Soccer Club will focus on three levels:

  • Club: Establish strong club identity and unity, valuing the club's ability to fulfill its mission above the ambitions of individual players, parents, or coaches. Continue to promote the club's legacy of excellence.
  • Coaches: Create a unified coaching staff by establishing an overarching coaching philosophy, encouraging adherence at all levels to that philosophy, promoting an open dialogue among all coaches regarding the continual development of that philosophy, encouraging mutual support and the exchange of training ideas and methods among coaches, and encouraging coaches to consider themselves coaches of the club as a whole. Recruit coaches that are dedicated to the club's mission and to the club's stated means of achieving that mission. Provide training and education opportunities for the club's coaches.
  • Players: Create an environment that promotes a love and respect for soccer, understanding that no player can reach their full potential without becoming a passionate fan and student of the game. Teach players that the values that give them success in soccer are the fundamental elements for excellence in any aspect of their lives and that regardless of ability, there is fun and value in pushing beyond perceived limitations, developing self-confidence, learning to compete, and believing that individual efforts make a difference for self, team, and club. Create quality opportunities to compete, understanding that these values are best taught through competition.


Ballistic SC U17 Boys, FC Nova Performance Cup Tournament, Boise, ID - Spring 2014

Tryouts for Ballistic SC teams are held as part of the BYSL tryout process during late October for teams that will play the following spring season. Tryouts for the Spring 2017 season will be held during the week of October 17-22 for players in the 13U and 14U age groups (players born in 2003 and 2004), and the following week for the 15U through 19U age groups (players born in years 1998-2002). Additional information is available in BYSL's "Far Post" newsletter (see p. 8).

For more information on tryouts or becoming part of a Ballistic SC team, please contact Chuck Stuart, Ballistic SC President and Director of Coaching (